BQI aims to enhance Australian society through education, outreach and academic research at the highest possible levels of excellence, by exploring the Big Questions of Science

BQI Vision

BQI is focussed on exploring the Big Questions of Science

By focussing on the Big Questions of Science, BQI plans to explore cutting edge topics in fundamental science and to generate new compelling ideas, insights, understandings and new Big Questions.

BQI aims to produce world-leading, peer reviewed scientific research, pushing the boundaries of established theory and challenging currrent orthodoxy.

BQI is focussed on collaborating with the leading minds from around the world

With an internationally recognised team including John Barrow, Paul Davies, Stephen Hawking, John Mattick and John Webb, BQI seeks to promote collaborations within Australia and internationally, across various scientific disciplines.

BQI aims to attract the brightest and best young intellects into a truly unique cross-disciplinary research environment.

BQI is focussed on the promotion of science and outreach

By inviting Global Thought Leaders and ‘Big Questioners’ to participate in the BQI community and to lecture at UNSW, BQI hopes to inspire young people to choose a career in science, and to contemplate the Big Questions in everyday life.

BQI aims to create an undergraduate scholarship program and secondary school science teacher prizes to support science outreach in the community.