Stephen Hawking Talk at the Sydney Opera House

Via the latest holographic technology, Stephen Hawking was beamed in 3D ‘live from Cambridge’ to sold out audiences at the Sydney Opera House.


Lucy Hawking and Stephen Hawking awarded UNSW Medal for Science Communication

While receiving the joint honour Lucy Hawking said, “We both passionately believe in the importance of communicating science to the widest audience possible and the youngest audience possible.”


Prof. John Webb awarded the Eureka Prize for Scientific Research

The 2012 Eureka Prize for Scientific Research was awarded to Prof. John Webb and his UNSW team for showing that a fundamental constant in physics was not constant across the universe.

Do the inner workings of nature change with time?

Data suggests that the fine-structure constant, drifts gradually by a few parts per million across the entire observable universe. It could be a sign that space has extra dimensions.


Prof. Hawking delivers a dire warning during Opera House appearance

Prof. Hawking warned the sold-out audience that humanity won’t last another thousand years unless it escapes planet Earth. “We must continue to go into space for the future of humanity.”


Prof. Paul Davies delivers the first BQI lecture at UNSW

Prof. Davies’ talk addressed some of the most challenging questions of existence – from the origins of the cosmos to cancer, from life’s murky beginnings to the search for ET.